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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?
Due to Covid-related financial struggles, we no longer reside at 125 W. Main Street - Bay Shore. At this time we are offering HOME VISITS and Goodie Bag Drop offs ANY WHERE ON LONG ISLAND! 

What characters do you offer?
Our current "in-house" face characters include - The Long Haired Princess, the Snow Sisters, the Rose Princess, Cinderella, Snow White, The Brave Princess, the Mermaid Princess, Supergirl, Spider-Hero Tink & her Pixie Pals.

Mascots - Buzz, Woody, Vampire Girl, LOLDoll, Easter Bunny, Mickey & Minion

Generic/Original characters - Pirates, witches, mermaids, fairies/pixies & elves.

Since our collection is continuously growing and we have a lot of connections to Long Island performers, we are able to accommodate most character requests so if you do not see one you're looking for - JUST ASK! :)

Is Pixie Dust only for girls?
No! Pixie Dust is for both boys and girls parties!
We specialize in Pirate and Princess parties but we also offer, Super Hero parties and Peter Pan Parties too!