Open Play with Miss Dori

Come join us at Pixie Dust for 1 hour of Open Play! 
Here the children will have the opportunity to play pretend, dress up, make adorable crafts, hear a story, socialize with other children, explore with our sensory bins as well as having a lite peanut free snack.
(pretzels or goldfish)

Open Play will be on Tuesday & Fridays from 10-2pm
Come in for the hour of your choice, drop off is available if the caretaker will be staying local. Last stay and play will begin 1-2pm. 
We will welcome walk-ins but if possible, it is very helpful if you could sign up on our website or send us a text to let us know you're coming to
Thank you! 

Open Play is suitable for our young preschool age 


Traditional Birthday Party Weekday Discount ($415- with $100 Deposit)

1.5 Hour Pirate & Princess Party! Click here for details!

Open Craft Night!

Craft Night for Kids of All Ages!

Oct 24
Open Craft Night!
Oct 26
OPEN PLAY with Miss Dori
Oct 27
Traditional Birthday Party ($450- with $100 Deposit)