Pirate and Princess Party! 

Our Traditional Birthday Parties include: 
*Dress-Up (multiple costumes for both boys and girls!) 
*Hair coloring (Blue, Red, Green or Fancy Sparkles!) 
*Nail & Tattoo Station 
*Eye Shadow and Fancy Face Jewels

Each party has Arts and Crafts time! Our party guests create their very own Swords and Wands! 
We play the freeze dance, limbo, conga line, walk the plank like Peter Pan,  
pop bubbles while we are Under the Sea and much much more! 

All children enjoy delicious pizza, cupcakes and the choice of water, lemonade and apple juice!

$385  for 1.5 hours 
12 children 
$14.95 each additional child- (max 21 children)
($75 for each additional 1/2 hour) 

Pixie Dust also offers birthday parties for our older children! 
We have Slime Time, Tie Dye, Karaoke and Crochet parties! 
These parties are perfect for our boys and girls turning 7-12 years old!  
($25 Additional Fee) 

We request that all parties send us 15-20 photos (Via Email)
to display in a slide show
on our big screen TV of the birthday child! 

Birthday Party Information


Feb 22
Winter Break Mad Hatter Tea Party Camp! Grades 3-5
Feb 25
Lunch with The Frog Princess ($45)
Feb 25
Traditional Birthday Party ($385- with $100 Deposit)